About Us

We are a privately owned, independent, trade, project, infrastructure development and investment advisory services company that provides end to end solutions for trade and project originators seeking business growth across Africa.

We enhance economic development by delivering productive venture partners committed to achieving growth and providing social value.

Our Values

  • Client focus
  • Integrity
  • Prudent
  • Our people
  • Relations
  • Leadership

Corporate objective
We provide clients with finance and commercially viable opportunities in select sectors in the following frontier markets across Africa, namely:

Our friendly, knowledgeable and diverse team will help inspire, educate and navigate the challenges that prevail when operating on the continent. Using the collective critical thinking capacities and inherited resources of a dedicated and professional workforce, Wyncor Africa is perfectly positioned to provide the necessary creative solutions to business challenges across Africa.

We look forward to working with you to explore workable and innovative end to end solutions to your social and economic challenges in Africa.


We have access to energy opportunities and depending upon your budget requirements and specific needs, we match local opportunities with experienced international suitors in the generation and transmission sub sectors.

Oil and Gas

We are experienced in both the upstream and downstream sub sectors of the oil and gas sector. In the upstream sector, we match local concession owners with international operators. All concessions have to be accompanied by the relevant geological data and evaluation analysis. Our remit covers both onshore and offshore acreage opportunities. Marginal fields and onshore assets however in our experience attract the most interest. Potential suitors seek assets that present huge upsides with mitigating risks. Meanwhile, shallow offshore targets sought are usually no deeper than water depths of 1000 cubic metric metres.

In the downstream sector, our international partners, trade and supply crude oil, gas, refined and bio based products with very competitive terms. We have a large network of trade and supply partners which enables us to offer clients robust and flexible solutions. All buy and sell requests have to be accompanied by verifiable supporting documentation to enable productive and expedient transaction flow.


We assist with the acquisition of country concessionary fishing licenses and match international operators with local operators to meet country local content provisions. Our international partners supply vessels, marine equipment and storage facilities. They also coordinate logistics; provide financing structures for clients seeking competitive international funding; and provide maintenance services.

Mines and Minerals

Our international mining partners seek local mineral concessions to develop and increase their asset portfolios. Any local opportunities must be accompanied by geological data and evaluation analysis from first class international geological data service providers. Minerals of interest include gold, iron ore, uranium, tin, copper and bauxite. However, should you have access to other minerals please contact us to determine whether we may have any interest.

Our partners, trade and supply commodities and we are interested in receiving competitive offers.

Construction and Infrastructure

Our international construction partners have global experience in building houses, schools, roads, bridges, airports, seaports, railways, stadiums and continue to construct notable infrastructural projects in many countries across the world. “Wyncor, the we in the heart of Africa” With some of the world’s majors at our disposal, we are in a prime position to offer robust solutions for infrastructural development projects across Africa.

Sovereign and Corporate Finance

In collaboration with our European, North American and Asian partners, we provide competitive financing structures for client projects in the sectors we operate in.

Our financial services are available to clients with collateral in the following forms:

  • 100% financing against Local Bank Guarantees (short term and long term)
  • Un-confirmed Letters of Credit payable 1 to 3 years after shipment of goods
  • Bank Notes, Time Drafts, Bills of Exchange
  • Financing arranged against Corporate Guarantee Notes (with approved credit)
  • 100% funding against foreign ECA or Credit Insurance Guarantees
  • Public financing; 100% funding against Sovereign Guarantees or government backed bonds
  • Re-financing of old debts against Local Bank Guarantees (1-3 year tenure)
  • Cash payments made to vendors against Local Bank Guarantees
  • US-Exim Bank Guaranteed Loans which can be packaged for a fee.
  • Natural resources swap for cash or credit lines with first class international financial institutions.

We also provide documentary credits from mid-market and prime banking institutions for credit enhancement purposes. Our competitively priced enhancement services are usually of interest to clients seeking credit instruments to bolster their trade and project finance capabilities. By using trades or physical projects as collateral, clients are able to secure credit instruments to enhance their financial capabilities enabling them to overcome any financial difficulties presented. We provide Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC’s), Bank Guarantees and standard Letters of Credit.


We access farming opportunities on behalf of international operators keen to develop their business of farming produce. The majority of our local opportunities are backed by regional and federal authorities to ensure that prospectors are secured in the knowledge that local issues can be raised directly with the local authorities. We also have privately owned opportunities from very experienced and well established local farming operators. Summary operational history of local operators can be reviewed by potential suitors prior to engagement.

Our international partners also finance and supply equipment for the development and maintenance of farming operations.